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Dogs are one of the most popular pets because people love their company. They're often regarded as one of the most-friendly pets and considered to be man's best friend. Dogs freely offer their affection and love to their owners. When you need someone, dogs are always there for you. However, having a dog as a pet is not as easy as it seems to be. It can be very difficult at times. Dogs need a lot of training, treatments, proper medications, walk and exercise routine. They need food and water at proper meal times as well. To stay fit and stable, dogs need good grooming too (brushing and bathing)

The most essential part to keep in mind while grooming your dog is that your dog should enjoy all of its grooming parts. Start by doing one by one at a time, and don’t rush to do all the tasks at a time. Don’t forget to reward your dog with some of his favourite treats both before and after each task. You can give your dog's favorite treat for that part of your dog’s grooming which he doesn’t like. They'll be motivated to that part of their grooming because they know their dream treat is on the way, and it'll be the only chance they get to enjoy it.

Here we are going to discuss some grooming tips for your dog’s care and hygiene

Dogs depend on their owners to groom them and to take care of their needs and proper hygiene, cut their nails, remove any tangles in their fur, clean their ears, and trim their tails. Depending on the breed of dogs, the grooming kit can include different items. Dogs' nails are trimmed using a nail trimmer. A long-haired dog will need a variety of brushes and combs, while a short-haired dog will only need a smooth bristle brush.


Bathing the dog more than once a month is generally not recommended. If you do, make sure you have a shampoo made for dogs. Over-washing your dog's skin and hair will cause it to become dry, so using a conditioner in addition to a mild shampoo is a smart idea. When you're using a medicated shampoo, be sure to check the guidelines on the packaging for the particular medication you're using, just follow the vet's guidelines when you're using one. Bathe the dog in warm water if possible, partially for the dog's comfort and mainly as shampoos clean more properly in warm water.

Brushing the fur

Brushing is needed for any dog on a regular schedule. Even the short-haired dogs need brushing too. The majority of short-haired dogs shed a small amount of hair. combs or rigid bristle brushes are ideal for dogs with shedding medium-length hair while long-toothed combs are best for dogs with long hair, they can also be used to remove tangled clumps of fur or clumps of loose undercoat hair while the dog is shedding.  Different brush shapes are best for different kinds of hair coats. Slicker brushes are ideal for dogs with curly, non-shedding coats, while smooth-coated dogs benefit from grooming brushes with short bristles or lightweight grooming gloves. 

Brushing the teeth

It is essential to maintain the dog's dental health. Even though they are not as sensitive to cavities as humans, but they can also develop problems. Clean your dog's teeth regularly, but even twice or three days a week matters a lot. Since you've never brushed your dog's teeth previously, handle it gently at first. Allow them to smell and lick the dog toothpaste before rubbing it on the outside of your dog's teeth with your finger. Gradually progress to a finger toothbrush, then a dog toothbrush. If a dog seems to be irritated or unhappy, never force them to sit, as this will lead to bad experiences of grooming. Brushing the dog's teeth frequently and praising them will help your dog to like this process of grooming. When your dog shows any signs of discomfort or you find something unusual about his mouth, you can take him to your daily vet for an evaluation.

Trimming the hair PetSmart groomers

All of us have a bad hair day now and then, but you can keep your dog away from having one by trimming his fur as required. Curly-coated dogs, medium or long-coated dogs, and wire-haired dogs all need to have their coats trimmed to keep them in condition and looking fine. Always try to learn to trim from a skilled groomer for your dog breed so you can easily do it at home. Hair across the dog's eyes should be trimmed to keep it from preventing its vision or rubbing into and hurting its eyes. Dogs are less flexible than humans, but that doesn't guarantee you can just start to trim or cut their hair with the PetSmart groomers or scissors. Don't try to trim their hair to recreate one of those fancy hairstyles that you like, just do it as it is required.

Cleaning the ear

Dog hygiene includes ear cleaning too, which cannot be ignored. Spray a soothing cleanser into the ear canal with one hand while tilting the dog's head downward. Rub the ear smoothly to keep it closed, which will squish the cleanser around to soften any mucus inside.  Calm down a bit and allow your dog to shake. If you don't want to get splattered, put a towel between you and your dog.  With a smooth, dry cloth, wipe away every excess cleanser. This is what you all need to do to clean your dog’s ear.

Many dog owners can easily move minor dirt and wax buildup at home, but if you see any symptoms of infection, you should take your dog to the veterinarian for care. Ear cleaners are made up of a variety of additives that help break up waxy build-up, dry out the ear canals, and remove bacteria and yeast, all while being soft on the ears.

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