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Care for puppies & cute doggy

Getting a puppy to the home is exciting as well as a little bit daunting experience. People are confused to get proper knowledge about essential care for puppies. Our proper guide about puppy care will not only solve your queries but also it will surely help you avoid any of the possible problems in near future.

Cute doggy Care Puppies Essential pet supplies Shop Blog - Zoobig

Some of the steps for puppy care are discussed below:

Choosing the puppy according to your lifestyle

At the time of buying a cute doggy, you have to choose a perfect match according to your daily routine. At first, think of your daily routine and highlight the qualities of a puppy that can match your routine better. Must keep some factors under consideration, such as a pure breed or a mixed one, big or small breed dog, grooming needs and exercise, temperament, and health emends and issues. After a proper orientation about the qualities, look for an animal shelter and find the right puppy that would be your perfect future companion.

Prepare your home to welcome cute doggy

Before getting a puppy, make your home safe for a puppy. Some belongings are toxic for a puppy such as electrical wires, toxins, and breakable glass items, ensure keeping all these hazardous belongings out of the reach of a puppy. Lock the lower cabinets or drawers as a curious puppy can otherwise open them easily. These should be chew-proof, which would be safer. If you want to stay puppy away from certain rooms, ensure the installation of baby or pet gates. It is the best idea to keep your fluffy pup to stay away from the kitchen.

Naming the puppy and cute doggy

As the fluffy little ball is now a part of your family, the important and essential step is naming the new addition. The name of every individual stays permanent, so choose the name wisely. Pick the one that is nice, simple, and easy to say and understand. It is an essential step for training your lovely pet. You can name it according to its personality, appearance, or something unique.

Essential pet supplies

Certain items are the basic needs of every puppy from the beginning. Some of them are essential while others are quite supportive of the fluffy pup's upbringing. The essential items are a leash and collars with identification cards, chew toys, and food and water bowls. A comfortable bed and a crate or kennel is also necessary for a puppy to stay comfortable.

Some essential puppy items last long but some of these need to be replaced according to the growing dog. Collars are mostly of adjustable sizes. For purchasing a kennel, you can get the one with a larger size so that it can be effectively used in the future. For now, block offs the large size with the help of boxes or any other object to make it suitable for the pup's size.

A very vital step is to prepare a proper budget associated with dog ownership. Strictly follow the expenses and if needed try to spend extra money for unexpected but essential costs.

Selection of your puppy’s healthy food

The Health and well-being of a puppy depend on diet. So before arranging healthy food, do adequate research. Get proper consultation from the vet and also from fellow dog owners. Initially, if the diet doesn't meet your desired requirements, then it better is to switch to another option. Diets are available with different options such as premium foods and holistic/natural products. Some people prefer premium foods while other prefer natural one. Raw and homemade food products are also beneficial and nowadays gaining popularity.

If you are in search of puppy food, make sure to prefer the quality of food. Foods having proper nutrients and palatable should be preferred. Prefer foods favoring the growth of your puppy and avoid a maintenance formula. Healthy and palatable food will be the best food choice for the puppy of every breed.

Better is to get proper consultation about the breed's dietary requirements from a veterinarian before getting a puppy. After you get a puppy to the home, bring your puppy to the vet for a general physical examination. Make all your fears of getting a puppy to the vet fade away.

Vet visits

In the initial six months, the puppy requires more vet visits. Many of the puppy vaccines are usually given during this period and growth is being monitored in this duration. Proper vet visits can early diagnose health issues if there's any and proper advice and consultation can be fruitful. If you are having any fear of a vet, your initial visit can make roads for communication, and gradually you'll feel comfortable with it.

Puppy training

Training is essential for every pet. House training is the key training for a puppy. This can be cumbersome for some puppies while others can catch the training earlier. Training should be done with patience and try positive reinforcement and a rewarding attitude for easier training practices. Puppies have no control over bladders and bowels up to the age of 12weeks, so bear with this situation up till that duration but keep trying to train them for it.

Firstly, make a strong bond with the puppy and then teach some basics. Try to make them learn to tolerate and follow the commands. This will entirely change their behavior.


Apart from house training, the thing your puppy must learn is to socialize. So, start working on socialization. Leash training is also helpful in this aspect. You can make your fluffy pet learn the basic commands such as "come, stay, and sit, etc". All this can fade out many of the behavior issues.

Try to make your puppy meet with other people and pets, and make it learn to tolerate and show friendly behavior with them.

All the training is a big challenge, but it would be fruitful once done.

Friendly bond with puppy

Nothing can be so fruitful as bonding with the puppy. You can do any job when this bond is strong. Training, exercise, grooming, and participation in different activities can be possible when you have a strong bond with your puppy. Make your puppy an essential companion while you go for a walk, it would result well. If you notice any unusual behavior, immediately visit a vet.


Care for puppies is very essential once you get a puppy. Make a habit to take care of all the needs and demands of the puppy. Any abnormal behavior or health issue should be an alarming sign for you and seeking proper medical consultation should be ensured. All the basic needs should be fulfilled timely. Training and socialization should be done carefully. Make your puppy your friend and it will be proved as the best decision for you.


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